mariann ziss

  • clinical psychologist
  • psychotherapist
  • hypnotherapist

I like to facilitate personal development in the life of my clients,
in a way they would not be able to do it alone; to help them feel
that their life is in their hands and they are able to act according
to that.


  • (2002) M.A. degree in psychology specializing in experimental and health psychology
  • (2006) Clinical psychologist specialization
  • Hypnotherapist qualification, EU accreditation

Method specific experience

  • hypnosis
  • short dynamic psychotherapy
  • psychodrama
  • autogen training

Fields of experience

  • psychotherapy
  • coaching
  • pregnant and after-birth psychology care
  • trainings
  • organizational consulting
  • informal education
+420 775 979 895
Bubensk√° 1477/1
1700 00 Prague, CZ

My clients go through a therapeutic, encouraging,
supporting process that provides a new, interesting experience,
bringing self confidence and relief.

Antoine, controlling director, France
At the beginning I looked for Mariann's support to work on an issue at my workplace. She was an understanding and attentive coach, safely and surely escorted me on the road to my goal. Later, the thoughts and feelings that came up during coaching and the great rapport with Mariann motivated me to deal with deeper questions of self-awareness as well. In this one year long therapeutic process she supported me with the excellent use of her broad set of tools and lasting attention. Together with her well timed questions, silences, summaries, insights and feedbacks for me the Hypnosis was the tool and experience that deepened and made our common work specially effective. Besides being an outstanding professional, Mariann is also a very dynamic, positive and warm personality. I am glad I had the chance to get to know her.
Alex Riedl, leadership coach and consultant
Over the past years I have referred several people I believed would benefit from Psychotherapy to Mariann. Without exception she has been able to help and delivered great results in all cases. I believe her unique combination of professionalism and empathy together with her absolutely amicable personality make it very easy for people to open up and develop trust unusually fast. Mariann also gave several eye opening guest lectures for my MBA students which received excellent feedback from the audience.
Anila, senior manager, Albania
Meeting with Mariann was fortunate and it came at a moment in my life where I had depression and really needed to re-balance my priorities. She had a very non-invasive and yet quite persistent and creative way of guiding me to face the core of my issue and helped me to find the best pace and tools to fix it. I highly recommend her, especially to the skeptical types like myself! Just desire the change and Mariann will make sure you have embarked on an interesting ride, a long life journey of improvement.
Szabolcs, student, Slovakia
When I contacted Mariann, I didn't know what to expect. I had panic attacks and felt very anxious in social situations. I hoped for wonders and advice and I found honesty, facing myself, digging deep, finding self-awareness -and what is most important: continuos results during the therapy. I was constantly learning about myself and kept improving, feeling better every week, finding a more realistic picture about myself, my surrounding, and about my abilities. Now I am fully able to enjoy my life and use my potential, without the symptoms I had before. Mariann is an amazing professional, having the experience to recognize what I needed and guided me to it.
Jana, graphic designer, The Czech Republic
When I went to therapy, I was missing a base stone, still looking for answers without asking proper questions, still trying to find a solution without specifying the mission, still being lost in my own past while the present was passing by in vain. During the therapy I found my base stone and started building. Now I'm back on my track and living my mission every single day. Mariann's approach is very professional and complex. Working with hypnosis is great experience, opening new doors in an unexpected and pleasant way. The most fantastic thing about Mariann's work is that she leads you to your own solutions that you never knew they existed. My mother tongue is Czech, but I found therapy in English easy, helping me getting straight to the point.

you can join for

personal sessions and hypnotherapy

Comprehensive mental health care:
prevention, diagnosis, therapy.

When you have to feel that life is in your hands, and you can act according to that, or when you have to overcome pain, fear, conflict or trauma - you can chose to develop and come to coaching, consulting or therapy, depending on the goals we set.

In these individual sessions I often suggest to work with the method of hypnosis. The state of hypnosis is a safe experience of an altered state of consciousness, where you can enjoy the increased capacity of getting to solutions, and getting to the insight of emotional understanding, how you would not otherwise get to. You can discover attitudes, coping strategies and relief in a way that will bring a more stable result on the level of emotions and reality as well.

  • One session takes 50 minutes.
  • About the length and frequency we agree on one of the first sessions, according to your needs.
  • The sessions take place in my office or at your workplace.
  • All the sessions are highly confidential.
  • Cancellation policy: 48 hours

or perinatal

Pregnant and afterbirth sessions, preparation for the birth and motherhood.

You can learn mental techniques to cope with pain and fear, and get ready for a good birth experience. You can share and reflect on your experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood that makes you deal with the changes in a more balanced, more creative way.

On the prenatal classes and after birth groups you can meet other pregnant woman, other young mothers, and professionals who work around the birth, providing up-to date, relevant information.

When learning to cope with pain and fear, I work mostly with the method of hypnosis. In the safe state of hypnosis you can experience your growing capacity of reaching involuntary physiological functions, to reduce unwanted symptoms of pregnancy and pain during the birth. Hypnosis gives an effective tool to reach the psychological level of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Gives space to comfort, new experience, spontaneity, and to the self confidence of competent motherhood.

  • One session takes 50 minutes.
  • About the length and frequency we agree on one of the first sessions, according to your needs.
  • The sessions take place in my office or at your workplace.
  • All the sessions are highly confidential.
  • Cancellation policy: 48 hours

or diversity

Gender-Specific and Cross-Cultural development:
consulting, workshops and coaching

You might find these services useful if you are leading
a multicultural team or want to empower and understand women at least at work. In the consulting process we build
a framework that is focusing on women's development or
cross-cultural boost, dealing with organizational and personal challenges in an innovative way.

The workshops and coaching sessions make an impact
on the level of the individual:

The gender specific program helps women to cope with normative changes in their life, to live the potential, to create own vision, increasing confidence and performance.

The cross cultural program supports multinational teams to grow without compromises, helping the members to reduce confusion and uncertainty, increasing flexibility and innovation.

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